Spicy Shrimp Curry – Easy To Make And Full Of Flavor!!!

It’s no secret we love spicy food. This Spicy Shrimp Curry did not disappoint!!! Now, for us it’s all about flavor with that spicy heat. I don’t know about you but have you ever ordered something that was spicy and all you taste is, well, the spice. For example, one time I ordered spicy chicken wings. All I could taste was the Tabasco sauce they soaked the wings. My ideal spicy food is when you bite into it and you taste several different flavors and then the heat of the pepper hits. Oh, and the other thing I love about spicy- well seasoned food is that you can really cut the calories because you don’t need to add a ton of oil and butter to get the flavor.

Spicy Curry Shrimp Recipe Development!!!

When we’re working on a new recipe we always write down all the spices, creams, oils/butter needed for the dish. Then we determine what we can do to cut the calories and boost the flavor. This recipe would normally have a cup of coconut milk or cream. A cup of coconut milk is 552 calories or a cup of cream with 469 calories compared to 142 calories for a cup of non-fat Greek yogurt. I don’t notice any difference in the flavor or the creaminess of the curry. In fact, if you want to add a couple of drops of coconut extract it will give a coconut flavor to the dish. AND… No calories in a few drops of coconut extract!!!

Steps to Make Spicy Curry Shrimp

This is a very easy recipe! It’s hard to believe that something this easy to make can have SO much flavor! I think the hardest thing in this dish is cleaning and deveining the shrimp. Tip: if the Shrimp has that “fishy smell”, follow the steps in our blog post on how to remove it here Click here. This only takes 3 additional minutes and is so worth the time!

How long does this recipe take?? About 10 minutes!!!

After the shrimp are cleaned. Chop the onions and ginger. Measure the spices. Cut the broccoli into bite size pieces. Saute the onions and ginger until they start to soften then add the spices. Add the Habanero pepper if you want this dish spicy. The Curry Shrimp is also really delicious without the pepper. We just love a really spicy curry!

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