Fresh Fruit and Veggie Season

Eating fresh fruit, vegetables and leafy greens is known to boost immunity and strength. The CDC reports however that there are 48 million cases of food borne illness in the US annually and the number one cause is those of leafy greens. For a dad wanting to follow a holistic, clean eating program and have peace of mind, why not gift him with a basket of ecofriendly food wash and wipes? It’s good for the body and planet!

The eatCleaner® TRIPLE ACTION Fruit + Veggie Spray is all-natural, patented and lab proven to be up to 99.9% more effective than water in cleaning wax, pesticide residues and soil from commercially and organically grown produce. eatCleaner® also keeps produce fresh up to 5x longer through a natural blend of fruit acids and antioxidants. This can help save your family on average over $500 each year and keep food out of landfills. It is the only patented and comprehensive line of food wash, wipes and anti-browning products that are tasteless and odorless on food and helps enhance the flavor of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Winner of the World’s Best Technology Gold Prize and Disney iParenting Award!

No other produce wash system is all natural, learn more by visiting the website:

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