Easy Cheesy Turkey Taco Pasta – One Pan

One Pan Homemade Cheesy Turkey Taco Pasta. Ever want a taco but you don’t have any taco shells in the house??? Try this fun new twist on a Homemade Hamburger Helper recipe. It’s gonna be the easiest thing you’ll make all week!! And it has all those great flavors you get with a taco but less work to make. I mean, I love a taco but there is a lot of prep work to get those tacos on the table.

Nothing is easier to make than a Hamburger Helper or Tuna Helper for dinner. Until now!!! I have to say, I have made my share of Hamburger Helper dishes. After coming home from a busy day at work, the thought of spending a couple hours in the kitchen isn’t my idea of fun! I don’t know about you, but I want something fast and delicious! This “Homemade Hamburger helper” is easy to make,the ingredients are a cinch to find, and it’s ready in less than 25 minutes. Also, I do love knowing exactly what I’m eating.

We actually should call this dish “Turkey Helper” instead of “Hamburger Helper”, since there isn’t any hamburger in the dish…. we made it with Turkey. Hey, it cuts calories and no one will know its not hamburger! But, hamburger or chicken can be substituted for the turkey. I always say use what you have in the Pantry/Fridge. Cauliflower could also be used in this dish if you wanted a vegetarian meal!

Homemade Cheesy Turkey Pasta (Turkey Helper) One Pan Dinner!!!!

As I mentioned, this is a very easy fast dinner to make and, by using Turkey, it cuts calories without cutting any of that wonderful taco flavor. From start to finish this recipe can be on the table in 20 minutes!!!!! We used a turkey breast and finely cut the meat- ground turkey or ground beef will work the same and is a little faster because no chopping is required. Cook the meat and when it’s starting to brown add the taco seasoning, green chilies, salsa, and water. Bring to a boil.

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