Copycat McRib Sandwich – Truly Amazing and we’re loving it!!!

Who doesn’t love a McRib Sandwich????? Not sure why the sandwich is only available a few days a year. I’m now kind of glad it isn’t available all the time because we might not have tried to make this Copycat McRib at home and would not have known;

  1. it’s easy to make ‘
  2. taste amazing (better than the real one!!!!)
  3. I’m sure it has less calories!!!

A Little History about the McRib

McDonald’s introduced the McRib in 1981 because there was chicken shortage. They needed an substitute for the Chicken McNuggets. So why not a pork sandwich!!!! It wasn’t really a hit so they pulled it four years later. In the 2000’s they brought it back for a limited-time. So every Fall the McRib is available for a few weeks.

Hey, I like the idea of having a McRib any time! Bonus, I can pick a great cut of pork and use my favorite BBQ Sauce.

The McRib sandwich is really simple to make with very few ingredients: Pork, BBQ sauce, pickles and onions on a hoagie bun. So simple and oh so good!!! We like to make additional and leave some in the freezer so we have a really quick sandwich any time we are hungry for this BBQ deliciousness

How to make this mouthwatering McRib

OK the McRib is not actually made with spare ribs it’s made with chopped pork (yes I know spare ribs are pork!! HaHa). We used Country Ribs or Boneless Pork Chops. They both work great and taste great!

The first step to make this copycat McRib sandwich is to grind up the pork. We used country ribs so we cut the pork into about 1 inch chunks. If we just tossed the entire rib into the food processor it might not grind evenly and we would end up with some larger pieces and some over chopped pieces of pork.

Add the chopped pork to the food process with the spices and water. This will create a sticky mixture and will make it easy to shape the pork into “rib looking” patties.

First step is to roughly chop the pork then place in a food processor. Cut of any large pieces of fat. The fat doesn’t add any flavor only calories. The flavor comes from the pork and the great spices!

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