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By Beth Kaszuba

Have you ever seen your primary care doctor, then needed to travel to different locations for lab work, screenings or imaging?

Maintaining good health should be easier than that — especially as we age and face new or different health-related issues. And maybe finding transportation becomes a challenge, too.

At Geisinger 65 Forward, we’ve brought more services under one roof, making healthcare much more convenient for those age 65 and older.

“Geisinger 65 Forward health and wellness centers offer everything you need in a calm, relaxing environment that feels more like a spa than a clinic,” says George Avetian, DO, family medicine doctor with 65 Forward. “You’ll get same-day appointments, longer visits, social and educational activities and a personal wellness plan, all in one place.”

Each 65 Forward member is teamed up with a primary care doctor who leads their care team and gets to know them personally.

Along with having extended visits with patients, 65 Forward doctors can:

  • Keep you healthy with preventive care screenings.
  • Help you manage chronic conditions including diabetes, asthma, heart disease and arthritis.
  • Coordinate your care by referring you to the appropriate specialist, like an endocrinologist, psychiatrist or surgeon, if needed. This especially comes in handy if you have complicated medical issues that require you to see multiple specialists.
  • Treat your unexpected health issues, from colds and rashes to common injuries like pulled muscles or sprains.

“You’ll also have nurses, a wellness coordinator, a pharmacist, a dietitian and other staff members working with you,” Dr. Avetian notes. “This team approach means you always have someone to turn to.”

And perhaps best of all, you can drop in anytime during regular business hours if you think you need care or have questions, without calling ahead to make an appointment.

It’s top-quality healthcare, right in your neighborhood, that’s specifically designed to make members’ lives longer, healthier — and easier.

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