Black Elderberry Strengthens Immune Systems

Nutritionists have long known about the wellness benefits of antioxidant-rich black elderberries, but the true potential of these berries has mostly gone untapped because they’re unsafe to consume if not prepared properly, making them impractical. With its line of gummies, syrups, supplements, and more, Sambucol Black Elderberry is helping people around the world easily access this superfood.

Trusted since 1991, Sambucol Black Elderberry products come precooked, so they’re safe to eat right out of the packaging — no messy preparation or clean-up, or second-guessing whether they’re toxic. The products are developed by a virologist and made using only premium Hashberg black elderberries, which grow in the mountainous regions of Germany and Austria. This particular type of black elderberry is coveted because of its deep-black pigment, indicating they’re rich in antioxidants, which fight the free radicals in our bodies that can make us sick.

Sambucol uses a proprietary extraction process when creating its syrups that preserves as much of the immune-boosting benefits as possible. And the syrups aren’t just healthy — they add a delicious berry flavor to a range of foods. You can use them to create an immunity-boosting black elderberry smoothie; add them to maple syrup and pour them over pancakes; put them in your overnight oats for a delicious, fortifying breakfast; and so much more.

“There’s a lot of hype around elderberry, so choosing a reputable brand with transparent labeling is even more important,” said Art Rowe-Cerveny, vice president of marketing for PharmaCare US, which owns Sambucol. “Not all elderberry is created equal. You know you’re getting quality when you choose Sambucol.”

Whether you’re looking to add syrups to dishes to make immune-boosting meals, or are just looking for an immune-boosting supplement, Sambucol Black Elderberry can help keep your family members healthy and their immune systems strong. Get recipe ideas and shop the full line of Sambucol Black Elderberry products online at

About Sambucol USA
Sambucol is The Original Black Elderberry Brand, developed initially by a virologist after years of research. Since the 1990s, we have earned the trust of experts and our customers as a leader in the black elderberry category. We offer a range of award-winning immune support products to help support your health all year round. Learn more about what makes us unique at

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