5 Home Safety Tips for Your Elderly Loved Ones

If you find yourself caring for an aging family member, you’re not alone – there are at least 36.4 million providing care for an aging family member in the United States. Though you’re already doing a great job (we see and applaud you), it’s important to know when to ask for help in caring for our elderly.

For a little extra support, the experts at Jiobit the smallest, longest lasting location tracker for families — compiled the following safety tips when caring for the aging adult in your life.

  • Prepare their living space – Perform a walk-through of your loved one’s space and make adjustments to protect your loved one from a fall for discomfort. This includes eliminating fire hazards, making bathrooms more accessible, reorganizing kitchen storage, or providing a supportive mattress for a more comfortable night’s rest.
  • Keep emergency numbers visible – Always keep a list of emergency contacts near the phone. These numbers should include 911, relevant family members or neighbors, a healthcare provider, and Poison Control.
  • Communicate with your family member – Your loved one will appreciate autonomy and open communication. Involve them as much as possible when planning for their care. Remember to be sensitive, and allow them to ask questions. Try not to force change too quickly.
  • Assess your own needs – Remember – as a primary caregiver for your aging parent or relative, it’s just as important to take care of yourself. Perform a daily or weekly “scan” of your mental and physical wellbeing by asking yourself questions like: Am I experiencing physical signs of stress like fatigue, difficulty sleeping, or headaches? Am I taking time for myself? Are my loved one’s needs increasing?
  • Protect your loved one with Jiobit – Sometimes, all of the preparation in the world can’t help stop an unexpected emergency. In moments like these, prepare yourself with tools that keep you connected with your loved ones– like a Jiobit GPS tracker. The Jiobit is intended to provide peace of mind while caring for an aging loved one by sending real-time alerts about your relative’s location–no matter where they are. If you use Jiobit for seniors, a Jiobit Protect subscription will allow 911 emergency responders to get the real-time location of the individual in danger, without the need for a cell phone. Learn more about the safety and security features for the loved one in your care available with Jiobit Protect.

Jiobit is the world’s smallest and longest-lasting real-time location tracking platform. enabled SaaS companies in the U.S.

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